Welcome to the 1-to-1 Scheme Calculator

What's this for?

The Calculator is a tool for school leaders to help them to understand the full lifetime costs of their 1-to-1 scheme. We created it because;

  • Schools usually struggle to fully quantify all of the costs around 1-to-1 until it's too late. The Calculator lets schools plan accurately and avoid compromises due to unexpected costs mid-project
  • Before this Calculator, there were no tools available to school leaders to allow them to easily and transparently see the true cost of leasing devices

How does it work?

You enter the details that you already know about your scheme (e.g. number of pupils involved) and the Calculator fills in the blanks you might not know;

  • It creates a unique link so that your progress is automatically saved and can be returned to whenever you need
  • You can change any of the variables (e.g. type of device) to create different models of what your project might look like
  • The device prices are taken from publicly available sources (e.g. Apple's Education store)
  • The leasing costs are based on figures provided by CHG-Meridian (a European-wide leasing company)
  • Your school is not identifiable to us, unless you choose to leave your contact details
  • It's a model, not a shop. Completing the questions doesn't result in anything other than the report, unless you want to contact CHG-Meridian yourself.
Got it, let's get started!