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Chronic pain is perhaps one of the most debilitating conditions any person can endure. They leave an impact on every single one of your acts, and they usually leave you without respite or any opportunity to take a break and distance yourself from them.

However few conditions are as concerning and irritating as chronic back pains. Our back is quite simply present in every motion, every position, and every single task we perform. But why do these pains start? And how can we deal with them? Today we are taking a deeper look at the world of back pain and discussing one of the most effective solutions in the world of medicine: artificial disc replacement.

What is artificial disc replacement?

Before we explain what artificial disc replacement is we need to clear up how our backs work, or to be specific how our spines work. If you’ve ever seen an illustration of a human spine you’ve probably noticed that it’s composed of multiple segments with round discs in the middle of different pieces of bones.

These are what we call spinal discs and they play an important role in the health of our spine by providing cushioning to our spine. However, accidents, overexertion, and bad positions can result in these discs getting worn, pinched, inflamed, and so on. And when our spinal discs are not in perfect condition pain is always close behind.

Artificial disc replacement is a procedure where a problematic disc is replaced with an artificial device that can replicate the range of movement of your disc, restoring both natural mobility and alleviating the pain as well.

How can you know if you need artificial disc replacement?

At the end of the day, the only way to know if you’ll need artificial disc replacement is to contact a professional and make an appointment. Disc issues can not be diagnosed from home, as they require scans and the trained eye of a professional. But if you’ve found that you have recurring back pains, especially after a specific event like an accident then you should prioritize the situation and look for a Spine Doctor as soon as possible.

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