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Disc damages may be uncomfortable and cause too much pain. Therefore, it’ll be vital to seek an alternative to reduce the disc damages and prevent excessive pains. Artificial disc replacement is the appropriate medical solution you can seek to replace the damaged discs and get back to your normal routine.

It’s an essential process that involves replacing the naturally damaged discs with an implant or artificial one due to physical damage or disc herniation. At Beverly Hills Spine Surgeon, you’ll get the best disc replacement surgery to restore your flexibility and mobility. This article outlines the main aim of artificial disc replacement and how it works.

Main Reason for Artificial Disc replacement

The main reason for artificial disc replacement is to reduce the pain from the damaged disc and prevent further spine damage. After the surgeon and the medical team replace your damaged disc with an implant or a natural one, you’ll feel less pain. Replacing the damaged disc with a prosthetic implant is the appropriate pain-relieving therapy than the non-invasive methods.

In addition, at Beverly Hills Spine Surgeon, the surgeon carefully performs the surgery to restore your spine’s full functioning and working. The replacing allows the discs in your spine’s vertebrae to rub against each other effectively to facilitate free movement.

How the Artificial Disc Replacement Procedure Works

Artificial disc replacement is an essential procedure that qualified or professional surgeons carry on your spine to correct a damaged disc. The surgeons may totally or partially remove the damaged discectomy or disc from your spine. Removal of the damaged disc is essential in relieving the disc’s pressure on the spinal nerves or cords, causing too much pain.

After a successful artificial disc replacement surgery, you can restore your spine’s alignment and stability; thus, relieving you from any spinal pains or discomfort. During the procedure, the surgeon removes your weak or damaged disc. After the removal, they replace it by inserting a prosthetic implant or replacement disc in the available intervertebral space.

This space will remain after the surgeon removes the damaged disc. The main aim of replacing the damaged disc with a prosthetic implant is restoring your mobility and relieve pain. The prosthetic or artificial disc’s designs mimic the natural one to help you restore your mobility and normal functioning of the vertebral segment.

Wrapping Up

Artificial disc replacement surgery is an essential intervention that surgeons perform to replace your damaged disc. The replacement is vital to relieving your pain and restoring your spine’s working. By visiting Beverly Hills Spine Surgeon, you’ll get the best artificial disc replacement surgery to relieve your pain and restore movement.