Top one-to-one educators to follow

Top one-to-one educators to follow

My youngest son is about to finish his Reception year at school (Kindergarten). This makes him six months older than the iPad, the device that arguably made one-to-one implementations both possible and desirable. The problem with this is that, if you are looking to learn about how best to harness mobile devices to support teaching and learning, there is still fairly little to draw from, as the evidence base for these devices’ efficacy and impact – positive or negative – is still rather thin on the ground, given the relative youth of tablets and thin client notebooks (such as Chromebooks) as a form factor.

Of course, we can triangulate good practice from what we know makes great teaching and learning, but probably the best resource for anyone tasked with looking into the viability and implementation of a one-to-one programme is the people who are already making it happen and who happily and selflessly share their experiences – successes and failures – online.

So, whose triumphs should you be seeking to emulate and whose debacles would you be wise to avoid? Let’s take a look:




Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist Former assistant principal and full time consultant
Nathan Ashman @nathanashman Lead Teacher of New Technologies, Saint Wilfrids School
Mark Baker @say_mark IT Services Manager, The Hastings and St Leonards Academies Trust
Dai Barnes @daibarnes Head of Digital Strategy, Oundle School
James Bowkett @james_bowkett Principal, Kettering Buccleuch Academy
Abdul Chohan @abdulchohan Director, Essa Academy
Daniel Edwards @syded06 Director of Innovation and Learning, The Stephen Perse Foundation School
Zoe Elder @fullonlearning Executive Director, Clevedon Learning Hub
Nic Ford @nfordteacher Senior Leader, Pleckgate High School
Martin Holtham @MHoltham Senior Teacher, Guidlford High School
Greg Hughes @deepexperience1 Assistant Principal, The de Ferrers Academy
Rachel Jones @rlj1981 E-Learning Coordinator, King Edward VI School and author
Dominic Norrish @domnorrish Group Director of Technology, United Learning
José Picardo @josepicardoshs Assistant Principal, Surbiton High School
Matt Pullen @Mat6453 PE teacher and technology integrator
Tom Riley @riley_ed Learning Technologies Coordinator, The de Ferrers Academy
Gavin Smart @gavinsmart Assistant Director, Clevedon Learning Hub
Ryan van Graan @mrvangraan Digital Strategy Leader, The Hastings Academy
Ian Stuart @IanStuart66 Deputy Headteacher seconded to the Scottish Government
Adam Webster @cagelessthink Director of Digital Learning, Caterham School

This list is not exhaustive, of course, and it probably misses hundreds of good folk whose work is just as good and who could just as easily be added to it. So, please, treat this as just a start and do feel free to suggest in the comments section, below, other people who you think should feature in this list. So long as whoever you suggest is or has been directly involved in a one-to-one implementation (tablets, Chromebooks…) and happily shares their experiences on Twitter, we will add them to the list.


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  1. I have led the 1-1 implementation in my British International School in Singapore..currently iPads in Ks3 and 4 and BYOD in 6th Form. As part of that I have qualified as an Apple Foundations Trainer.

    • Thanks for that, Steve. I would like to add yo to the list. What is your current role?


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