Making sure you learn what you want

Real estate also includes a property’s financial aspects such as mortgages, liens, and foreclosures. Engaging a real estate lawyer is critical whether you plan on purchasing a real estate property or have already bought one. You’ll be protected against any unpredictable liabilities associated with real estate property by consulting a lawyer. Seeking legal representation is crucial when buying, refinancing or selling your real estate property.

When doing this, you must choose a property lawyer having your interests at heart and experience. These real estate contracts feature legal jargon that may be challenging to understand. You want them explained clearly to ensure you know what the contents of the contract are. Trusts are a part of real estate, and you need the best trust attorney to help you set up a formidable trust. Below are some tips for hiring the best real estate or trust attorneys:

Involve One Early In The Process

Finding and hiring a good real estate attorney in Manhattan Beach is a time-consuming process, and that is why you should try being proactive as much as you can. This includes finding an attorney early in the process of setting up a trust, purchasing, selling, or refinancing the real estate. This ensures they can help avoid issues down the line or deal with them whenever it arises. Tell the attorney your intention and hear their feedback to help you decide whether the project is worth it.

Focus on Experience

One of the things holding utmost importance in reviewing or preparing the legal real estate contracts/documents is the attorney’s experience. Only choose an attorney specializing in the real estate field because hiring a lawyer based on your friendship or those specializing in a different field of law would sabotage the process. Ask for the lawyer’s experience, how many years they’ve practiced, and the litigation they’ve won. At Stone & Sallus LLP, we have experienced attorneys that have been in service for a long time. We can help draft trust papers, wills, and other real estate aspects.


Although you may be interested in purchasing some property today, you may be interested in selling it a few days or months later. You want a lawyer who can oversee the entire sale and guide you in the next property purchase. Hence, you want a lawyer with whom you can grow a good business relationship, so you should factor in how you feel around your attorney. Does the attorney has your best interest at their heart?

Reach Out to the Bar Association

Every practicing attorney must be registered and licensed. Hence, a bar association should be significant for getting a good attorney. They can provide you with a list of attorneys to select your most preferred lawyer based on their experience or any other metric.


Do not sign a contract without an attorney’s opinion or input. This could draw you to protracted legal battles down the line. Our attorneys will prevent this by ensuring that you understand every clause in that contract. Further, don’t wait until you’re sued to reach out to an experienced law firm like Stone & Sallus LLP.